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Bubba Tow Rope

Tech, Tires Accessories and Gadgets 21 Aug 2014
I had heard of the full size Bubba Rope from some of my Jeeping buddies. After seeing some U-Tube video of the Bubba Rope for ATVs I bit the bullet and ordered one. You really have to try one to tell just how well it works for pulling out another stuck ATV. On my first test I was apprehensive abo...
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Starter Issue

General Discussion 19 Aug 2014
My riding partner was at the house on Sunday and when he went to leave his Honda fourtrax 350 would not start. We had been riding not 20 minutes earlier and when he went to leave.... nothing. lights work, in neutral, hit the starter and nothing. It was getting dark and he was meeting family...
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Aftermarket Axles

Tech, Tires Accessories and Gadgets 17 Aug 2014
Ok, here we go again. So I just get home from a weeks vacation from "heck" (Not really the word I would use). We had 8 atv/utvs up there and I was working on them constantly. Final result on Friday was, only 3 of the 8 were functional. One never could get running (electrical), one lost the swing...
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Brimstone Roundup

General Discussion 17 Aug 2014
well-----i ain't allowed to start a new topic--imagine that!!!!
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